Co-existing with Change © (Coming 2021)

Grief. Depression. Sadness. Anxious.

These may be some of the emotions you don’t want to admit you are experiencing. Perhaps you feel the ground below you won’t stop shifting.

Or you think you will never feel “normal” again.

We have grown accustomed to hearing “the only constant is change”. While true, this provides a high level of disregard for the effects that change brings to our lives. Rarely is this followed up with advice on how to handle change or even an understanding of why it is so necessary in our daily lives. If you have ever thought to yourself “change sucks” you are not alone. 

Dealing with Change is one of the most basic Elements of Life. Change keeps us in harmony; it levels and quakes and shakes things up, it brings us back to the center. Without change there would be no growth. Change gives us the ability to become who our soul wants to be. But dealing with the aches and pains of it, making it a smoother ride, are ideals still largely elusive in today’s society. 

This four week session will help to provide the necessary information, context, and guidance to co-exist with change. Learn what change is all about, how change affects us, why it can be so difficult to deal with, and how to incorporate it into your life instead of fighting it.


Examining Expectations © (Coming 2021)

Are you struggling with pressures you can feel, but may not be able to see? Do you get upset with yourself for not “doing something right”? These judgements, whether self-imposed or from external sources, can make life feel like a game you cannot win. Not all expectations are equal, and in this class we will uncover the differences between realistic and unrealistic expectations: How to identify them, understand their source and the emotions that fuel them. Work with me to uncover which of these pressures are suffocating your life, learn how to cope and reset and how to flourish either without them or in spite of them. 

Deliberating Decisions © (Coming 2021)

This important Element of Life has gotten exacerbated over time. We make so many decisions each day, yet rarely have the time, the training, nor the ability to make the ones most important for our lives. This session will take you through where we have been, how we got here, and how to build a more certain future. 

While studying this topic, together we will uncover the pitfalls and barriers to making the important decisions in our life, understand how to take the first steps on pushing those distractions out of your life and tools to help you make the decisions that count. 

Embracing Emotions © (Coming 2021)

It’s really difficult to be a good human in our current environment. Distractions and dishonesty are high, empathy and compassion are at deep, deep lows. Emotions are at the heart of all of this, another unseen Element of Life that we constantly deal with, but are given few tools to assess, understand and manage. These are the exact items we will discover in this course. Understand the inner psyche of humanity, discover the connection between emotions and society, learn how to identify and utilize your emotions for the benefit of yourself and those around you. 

Searching our Soul © (Coming 2021)

Creating our Culture © (Coming 2021)

Pinpointing our Purpose © (Coming 2021)

Understanding Unity © (Coming 2021)

We all need connection, even more today. Relationships with a partner who understands you, accepts you and allows you to grow is something that many people yearn for. Something we expect to find, and something we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to understand. But more of us are single than ever, and we seem to go through the same issues repeatedly in a never ending cycle of frustration, sadness and pain. In this class we will dissect these ideas and the emotions that accompany them. We will talk about some historical items that help us make sense of our interactions today, discuss underlying themes and expectations, examine power and energy and their effect on our relationships. Find out what you may be missing and learn to put together a harmonious relationship.

Collaborating with our Community ©

Relationships and the feeling of belonging do not only revolve around having a romantic partner. We also have a community around us, whether small or large, that affects how we interact with life. Our first tribe is our birth family, and integral to helping us find the right path. Other tribes we attach to consist of our friends, schoolmates, our coworkers/the company we work for, and the groups that we bond with over similar interests. Each of these are a circle of comfort that we build for ourselves, places we feel safe. But what happens when we disagree with others within them or cannot fit into the box that we or others have created for ourselves; what happens when we change, and what happens when we grow? These events can cause fissures that seem insurmountable. We need to learn the ways to bridge these divides and expand our comfort zone; find ways to bring these communities back into balance. We need to have the conversations that we are afraid of, discuss those bottlenecks that cause our emotions to be blocked from one another. This class gives you the ability to do that, to learn the underlying reasons, the tools we were never taught, and the skills to move forward gracefully and in harmony. 

Surviving Society

Each of us is a conglomeration of our layers. Our existence is composed of our nature, our nurture, our culture, our psyche, our emotional capacity, our religious beliefs, our feelings, attitudes and ideas about our existence on this earth. 

Elements of Life © 2020