Elements of Life©

The Elements of Life© is a curriculum meant to fill in the gaps and show the connections that we may have missed during the many transitions throughout our lives.

Each of the classes can be taken separately or in phases that build upon each other. Starting with the basis of change, and moving through surviving society our aim is to provide a dynamic view of these subjects and help provide the tools needed to create a more solid global community.

Our Mission

The Elements of Life© are meant to bring about transformational change. Meant to bring the topics to life, make us think, uncover talents and teach skills to bring about a shift in the way we interact with the world.

Discover (and re-discover in some instances) the foundational connections of humanity, attain a renewed sense of community and an ever deepening understanding of our world.

These classes are meant to bring certainty, to satisfy the questions within our souls and provide the solid base necessary to build strong bridges across our society.

Our History

Initially offered in Beta form in 2020, the Elements of Life© have been crafted over years of research, experiments, stories and life experiences from the author, her close confidantes, family, and friends across the globe. With an overall focus on helping all individuals discover and achieve their specific fulfilment, much of the content has been written in the context of the American experience, with a focus on helping Americans define themselves, and understand how they affect and are effected by the rest of the world.

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